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Due to our long experience and successive research, all of our squeegees ensure you optimum printing performance, show minimal swelling during the printing run, and retain its the smoothest and sharpest edge available allowing for continued quality, even in conditions of maximum use.
We not only manufacture squeegees in all sizes, shapes, and durometers, but also guarantee to be the most solvent-based ink resistance.
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Resistance to most solvents
  • Superior aging resistance
  • Elasticity at extreme temperature
  • Absolute flatness and parallelism
  • Precision cut edges


+ Good resistance to non agressive chemicals and water based inks
+ Resistance to abrasion
+ High environment stability (temperature, humidity)
+ Sharpens well with a 120 grit wheel followed by a 360 grit wheel
+ Color coded for easy identification
+ High environment stability
+ Individually packaged and batch specific


+ Textile printing for use with manual or automatic equipment
+ First down white underlay
+ High Density inks and gels, especially soft ones where a thick, even layer is required
+ Adhesive for foil
+ Colors for simulated process work
+ Water base inks
+ Discharge inks
+ Printing with discharge inks

Specification of Squeegee

Tolerance: Hardness: shore A +/-3 | Thickness: +/-0.3mm | Width: +/-0.1mm | Angle: +/-3 | Length: +/- 50mm

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