Production facility

Compression Molding

500 ton 10 units
400 ton 78 units
350 ton 16 units
300 ton 46 units
200 ton 04 units

Oil Seal Molding

60 units of press machine for Oil

For each stage of production, there are appropriated equipments to control quality as well as technique. Most of them are from Japan, Italy, Germany, Taiwan.

Material Compounding

Open Roller 12 sets

Material Compounding

Kneader - 04 sets

Deflashing Machine

Cryogenic Deflashing Machine
06 sets
Heat Deflashing machine 12 sets

In 1981, TUICO expanded its production line and started manufacturing Synthetic Rubber Parts: O-rings, Gaskets, Seals, Packings, Customs Molded parts, Oil Seals, and etc. for a wide range of applications: house tools, water treatment systems, automobiles, machineries, semi-conductors, and etc. Today, TUICO offers oring size based on International standard AS-568, JIS, and Metric sizes, and special designs in different materials meeting ASTM, JIS, and other specifications. With various kinds of synthetic rubbers and in-house compounds to choose from, We make parts per your specifications.
Each materials are mixed in separated room, gaurantee all coumpounds in perfect portion.
With about 1200 workers, most of them are young, active, well trained, eager to work. They take care well of two 8-hour shifts per day, six days a week and willing to work over time on Sunday at busiest time in year. That guarantees delivery on time.
Especially, research and developing engineers can handle well standard tests by ASTM designation as well as JIS, They are trained with up-to-date information and standard. Moreover, they are able to develop new formulation which meets your own application.

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