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Original X-ring

Seals are four lipped seals with a specially developed sealing profile. A wide range of elastomer materials for both standard and special applications allows practically all liquid and gas to be sealed.
Seals are supplied in dependence on the American O-Ring Standard AS 568.


- Avoids twisting in the groove. Due to its special profile, the seal does not tend to roll in the groove during reciprocating movement.
- Low friction.
- Very good sealing efficiency. Due to an improved pressure profile over X-Ring Seal cross-section, a high sealing effect is achieved.
- A lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips improves start up.
- Unlike an O-Ring, the mould line flash lies in the trough, between and away from the critical sealing lips.


+ AS568 molds free for:
* NBR70, 90
* FKM75 in black, brown, green, red, and other colors.
* Silicone 70, 80 in red, yellow, and other colors.
+ Metric size mold is free (some conditions apply).
+ Special size mold charge depends on cavity and size.

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