Testing Laboratory

Performs various tests following International Standards and Testing Methods.

As well as specific gravity test to make sure the recipes are mixed correctly - The quality is always under control at the early stage. Besides the function of analyzing report and inspection tests by our precise techniques and inventory of R&D, we can also develop new compound.

Formulation develops in house by various International Standard testing methods : ASTM, JIS, DIN, ISO,....,through professional research and testing to meet specific application. Mixing in-house utilized modern techniques and equipments to ensure the best stability of physical properties

Testing Equipment

Rotorless Rheometer: 1 set
Mooney tester: 1 set
Elongation & tensile tester: 1 set
Low temp tester: 1 set
Post cured oven: 1 set
Abrasion tester: 2 sets

Elastomatic tester: 2 sets
Metal hardness tester: 1 set
Squeegee assembling tester: 1 set
Oil seal tester: 2 sets
Solvent resistance tester: 1 set

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