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Oil seal are high perfomance sealing devices for equipment and machine that seals lubricants. It is a combination of rubber and metal case, and with/without garter spring. Addtion to the function of preventing the leakage of water, lubricants or chemicals, oil seal can stop dust or dirt into a machine.

Low-pressure single lip with garter spring without protection from contaminates.

Low-pressure dual lip with garter spring with protection from contaminates

Non-pressure single lip without garter spring without protection from contaminates.

Non-pressure dual lip without garter spring with protection from contaminates.

Oil seal is the intermedium between two components. They have varieties of styles and each of them has their own uniqueness. Oil seals are used widely such as auto machine, ironware, and marine engineeringetc. The main constructions of seals are rubber and metal. Whichever kind of seals, the purpose of seals is perfectly clearance. Therefore, seals can protect fully bearings from outside contaminants. TUICO seals have flexible feature that rubs against a shaft or housing to prevent the leaking or ingress of fluids and dirt. Oil seals and o-rings are the selected products in TUICO rubber factory and both of them are manufactured by post-cured oven and press. TUICO group is the leader of polyurethane and rubber industry. We use stable material to achieve high abrasion-resistant and leak-resistant. No matter which material and specifications it is, TUICO oil seals must meet all kinds of equipment to make your products excellent.
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